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LHB03 application note
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1. Industrial electronic pulse generator description 
      Industrial wireless electronic pulse generator design for engraving machine, cutting systems, CNC machine; It is upgrade of WHB02, It not only has all the features of WHB02, but also adds new features to bring greater convenience to the user. WHB02 comparison, has the following characteristics:
◆ has the function of the hand wheel, 100PPR the manual pulse generator output; Fit NCStudio5.449,NCStudio8.202
◆ display, real-time display of the machine the workpiece coordinates, mechanical coordinates. Coordinates X, Y, and Z three-axis with the screen display
◆ axis selection function, the band axis selection switch, you can choose the X, Y, and Z axis
◆ With the function of the hand wheel boot: hand wheel guide, facilitate the adjustment process.
◆ LHB03 handwheel, widely used in stone carving, advertising, furniture making, plate making, and other industries.

2. The CNC wireless handwheel 
Features Description
 A.Button Features Description
 B.LCD Display Features Description

Coordinates of the window

Feed and speed display window

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