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Wireless data transmission solutions

Wireless solutions based on computer USB interface
USB interface, the composition of the star-shaped network of USB-based peer-to-peer data transfer.Support for wireless adaptive frequency hopping communications, strong anti-jamming, A USB interface, can connect to multiple terminal equipment, 1, 2, 16,
The module can be easily used in the wireless mouse and keyboard kit, wireless game controller, wireless monitoring system for PC-based management.
Applied to the field of wireless monitoring, wireless control area, wireless data transmission system.
For example: computer-based monitoring temperature of the battery voltage monitoring system; wireless game controller based on people playing the game; USB-based devices a variety of wireless data acquisition systems, etc.

The wireless temperature sensing system applications:

Home wireless applications:

Through the wireless network module, household electrical equipment, wireless connection, the realization of freedom control
For example, a remote control, air conditioning, TV, lights and other free control; remote control can also simulate simulate mouse, keyboard and game handle operating interactive network TV game.