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Company Profile

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Chengdu Xinhecheng Technology Co., Ltd. is a wireless data transmission technology.The company is committed to the transmission of wireless short-range data communication; low-cost, high-performance product solutions and services in the general consumer population.Company the precipitation of the key personnel in the field of wireless data communication 10 years of technical experience to create their own unique characteristics, its own unique technology and sincere service attitude, in an increasingly competitive market environment, service to society the majority ofconsumers. After 10 years of technical reserves and product development efforts, Chengdu a new macro smooth wireless technology products for the following categories to serve our customers the crowd:

1.Wireless communication data transmission module

Wireless solutions based on computer USB interface
USB interface for the control center to form a star-shaped network of USB-based peer-to-peer data transfer. Support the communication of the wireless adaptive frequency hopping, interference is strong, a USB interface, you can connect to multiple terminal equipment, 1, 2, to 16, and so on, the user can freely choose; support USB1.1 communications standards, provides USB PC driver library DEMO program, the wireless terminal module using standard SPI interface; to facilitate customer development; data delayed by small, low power consumption, suitable for the timeliness battery-powered products. the module with protocol processing , users do not need a wireless communication protocol development, very convenient to use.
The module can be easily used in a wireless mouse and keyboard kit, wireless game controller, wireless monitoring system for PC-based management.

2.Provide low-cost wireless data communication module

10 years of design and production experience in the field of wireless data communications, automated means of production and testing tools, reduce product costs, improve product stability. Provide consumers with cheap, stable performance of the wireless data communication module. Module of the series, only the physical layer of data communication, does not support the protocol layer communication protocol, communication protocols require the user to develop their own, but the series of modules, low cost, suitable for low-cost use occasions.

3.Engraving machine wireless accessories

Application areas of the engraving machine has 11 years of precipitation technology application engineers have extensive experience in the application of the engraving machine. CNC solutions. Wireless data transmission technology, applied to the numerical control applications give users unparalleled convenience, practicality and produce the following products: wireless knife; wireless Weihong hand wheel; wireless hand shake the pulse generator; wireless engraving machine handle. The series of products will be engraving machine processing wireless, and into the engraving applications engineer accumulated operation is very convenient and practical value to the engraving process industry, improve production efficiency.

Engraving machine industry products wireless, easy engraving machine users, the company continued hard work and goal.
Integrity, innovation, and enterprising;Chengdu Xinhecheng technology will continue to upgrade themselves and improve themselves, to design better products, services, consumers in general.